Statement of Intent


Statement of Intent

G’day all. After a hiatus from the World Wide Web, I’m attempting to restart my web presence and in the process practice my writing and find my voice.

So what I’m I trying to do here?


I want to get into the habit of writing. Most of the writing advice I’ve read has some refrain similar to  “just write”. In the process, I want to get better at writing, and to find my voice and style. Having a potential audience might be a motivator or a way of holding myself accountable. I’ve tried before with minimal success, but I’m a little older now and a little wiser.

Contextualise game advice

I’ve been collecting a lot of material since I started this game development process almost six years ago. It’s collecting digital dust in my pocket account, and I hope to actually review the material and make some comment about it. Writing it down I hope will solidify my thoughts as well as keep a record that I can refer.

Publish game material

The whole point of being a game design is to release games. I either want to or need to put game content out there. Ideally, I’d like to sell it and make some money, but looking at the development of Dresden Files from Evil Hat gives me pause. They practised and put out content that they could get wrong so that when their silver bullet (the Dresden Files license) was released, they had wrinkled out the majority of bugs and flaws. I have my baby, and it’s Dominus 6.

Run campaigns

A potential outcome is to run a campaign. While I have a tabletop campaign going for over a year now, I also have the idea to run a live action game. I like the medium of live action, and I think that Fate would make an interesting system to run something. I will probably post some GM’s thoughts type material about the tabletop campaign, as well as any intentions in the Live Action campaign.


It’s my website and I’ll rant if I want to.

What it’s not

I don’t intend to make a whole lot of money from the site, or sell stuff. I don’t envisage other authors contributing but I’m not against it on principle. It’s not going to be another general RPG gaming blog. It’s going to be my voice, about issues that I want to raise, on my site. It’s an exercise about voice, about producing and ultimately about creating something.

About Sean West Money

Sean is the owner and developer of Dominus 6.

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Under development

This site is currently under development but is live, so expect changes to material and design as my familiarity with WordPress deepens (and I get the time to play).