Nailing the story


Nailing the story

So, Mass Effect Andromeda is shortly being released into the wild, and already the criticisms are coming in. Beside’s the fact that my personal circumstances hinder my ability to spend hours playing a video game since Mass Effect 3 I was always cautious of my further engagement with the property.

See, Mass Effect 3 was the first video game I ever preordered, and the deluxe edition at that. It was the first media property that I took time off to make sure I got my copy on the day of release, to play it. Mass Effect 2 was a fantastic game, and I wanted to see how the story ended. Then came the now infamous ending, and it hit me like a tonne of bricks. The video below sums up the significance of this issue for me to this day.


For me, the certainty of knowing how the story ends, the inevitability of disappointment really hinders my ability to replay Mass Effect 3. And aside from the last ten minutes or so, Mass Effect 3 was a great game. The mechanics, the story, the music were all spot on if not exceptional.

Mass Effect 3 to me, is a lesson that you need to stick the landing.

And I reject the argument that it is a work of art that should not be changed. While the premise that a video game can be art is true, art to me is made for the creator while video games as a commercial product are made for the consumer. And the consumer is perfectly entitled to express their opinion about the product, and attempt to influence the product to further satisfy their requirements. This is an important part relevant for me because at the moment I am attempting to create a product with an audience of one. Once my game is released into the wild, in order for me to successfully market it I need to ensure that my customers are satisfied with the product, to the point of recommending it to others. If I want to maintain artistic integrity, I should not expect commercial success. Granted I don’t necessarily expect commercial success, but a post on an outsider’s perspective of the RPG industry is for another time.

Another article I found kinda sums up the problems now facing Mass Effect Andromeda. Waypoint -Everyone seems ready to rip ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ to shreds points out the continuing backlash and emotional complexity a lot of fans, myself include, are feeling towards the property.

Mass Effect is a significant influence on the product I’m trying to create. The worldbuilding is complex and provides a visceral feel to the setting. The characterisation is engaging and investing. The soundtrack and visuals create an identity and a feel for the property. And the ending of the last product soured the whole thing. I’m not seeing evidence that the decisions made to result in the end of Mass Effect 3 are being changed.

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